Geothermal energy? Of course - Right from the start!

There are some decisive criteria for using geothermal energy: Future security, operational security and investment security. That is why there are surely no other alternatives to Geowell. Since our company was founded, we deal with nothing else – geothermal energy is a passion for us.

This gives you the security of having a partner at your side capable of fulfilling even the highest quality professional and customer-oriented demands.

Whether drilling a hole or 300 probes:
Having completed over 2600 construction projects with a heating power and cooling capacity from 3 KW to 1500 KW - architects and planners, heating and sanitary specialists, construction companies and private builders - all over Germany and beyond - were highly impressed with our competence and performance.

There is sufficient energy available all year round in the depths of the earth. This can be efficiently used for heating, hot water and cooling with a heat pump. However, a special geothermal drilling procedure is necessary to transport this free energy to a heat pump on the surface. We can make this environmental energy usable for you - starting with the consultation, planning, and design, from geological expert reports up to the professional execution of geothermal probes, right up to the final connection to the heat pump. In addition, we also carry out maintenance and optimization of existing installations. The excellent performance of our company allows us to provide our customers with an extension of the standard warranty.

Take advantage of the sustainable, regenerative energy of the earth and become independent from the steadily rising prices of fossil fuels - with the security and quality provided by Geowell - from the drilling procedure right up to the connection of the heating pumps!