Certainly much more than just "State-of-the-Art Technologies".

A decisive factor to ensure the success of your geothermal project is the selection of the right partner. As one of the leading providers, Geowell reviews, evaluates, and treats each project individually and implements it with state-of-the-art technologies and high-quality materials.

Preliminary assessment, planning, application for approval, boreholes, installation, and maintenance: We can do anything for you – from single-family houses to large projects.


Preliminary assessment
  • Evaluation of your individual requirements
  • Review of the (water) legal framework conditions
  • Analysis of the ground conditions (geological factors)
  • Evaluation of the geothermal productivity
  • Determination of the required drilling configuration (number and depth of boreholes)
  • Precise cost estimate and binding offer
Planning and design
  • Object-specific dimensioning on the basis of geological models
    • Simple geological models (maps and literature)
    • long-term simulation is also possible, if required as a result of geothermal response tests
  • Preparation of the necessary application documents (water and mining legislation, if necessary)
  • Contact with the competent authorities until the decision is taken
  • Binding Site Scheduling
  • Scheduling of site deliveries by means of logistics
  • Execution of the boreholes with geological custom drill rigs and standard drilling methods in the required depths
  • Sampling of borehole cuttings per metre for the subsequent generation of a bore log
  • Installation of geothermal probes filled with drinking water using reels and probe weights
  • Pressing of boreholes in contractor procedure from the borehole base to the ground surface of the
  • thermally enhanced grouting material for sealing and connecting the geothermal probes to the overlaying rocks
The correct connection is carried out by our own installation team including
  • Delivery and installation of connection lines and distribution boxes, as well as the documentation of the underground pipelines
  • Core drilling up to the building and reliable re-sealing
  • Complete base connection to the heat pump
  • Diffusion-proof cold insulation of the entire interior installation
  • Pressure test of the complete system
  • De-aeration and filling with brine under constant monitoring of the concentration
  • Implementation of hydraulic alignment including the corresponding logging
The extensive final documentation consists of
  • Acceptance report listing all the performances and materials used
  • Certificate of the flow rate and pressure revisions
  • Injection and pressure grouting report
  • Dimensioned floor plan with representation of the borehole positions and the line system
  • Drill log with drilling profile and profile design
  • Safety data sheets and certificates for all materials used