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Our references range from 3 to 1500 kW systems in both old and new constructions, in private housing, commercial and industrial zones, and in large public projects up to the development of entire residential areas.

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New building for the company AOK Nord West in Dortmund

107 Boreholes
  1. Probe field: 77 probes of 99 m
  2. Probe field: 30 probes of 99 m
99 m Depth
390 kW Heating power
510 kW Cooling capacity
2012 Completion

The company AOK Westfalen-Lippe built the new AOK headquarters in Dortmund. The building is heated and cooled passively, whereby 500 MWh of heating requirements and 600 MWh of cooling requirements per year will be provided by geothermal heat exchanger fields. A geothermal response test is done on the borehole in order to calculate the geothermal productivity. Two heating pumps were installed, each one supplied from a borehole heat exchanger field. One system with borehole heat exchanger field 1 is used to supply the surface heating and cooling of the building. The second one is used for heating and cooling the air conditioning system, as well as the heating radiators. The building is air-conditioned by means of passive (without heating pumps) and active cooling.

Up to the end of June, passive cooling accounts for 40% of the entire cooling requirements. From July on active cooling is provided by means of the heating pump system from the heat exchange field 1. During the night, the heat exchanger field 2 also supplies an ice storage tank with a cooling capacity 130 kW.



New Building for ThyssenKrupp Headquarters in Essen

30 Boreholes
100 m Depth
153 kW Heating power
231 kW Cooling capacity
18 Boring time in days
2010 Completion

The company ThyssenKrupp AG built the ThyssenKrupp Headquarter in Essen, which is composed of various buildings and other structural elements. "… The overall concept of the new ThyssenKrupp Headquarter is a campus, an ensemble of individual buildings and open spaces arranged around a centrepiece resulting in an exciting combination of nature and architecture. …“ This main concept taken from the architectural tender competition was the basis for the design of the "new" Headquarters. The ground floor is mainly used as a lobby and reception area. The atrium also houses meeting-rooms and offices and working areas.

Geowell also created a geothermal power plant to supplement the heating and cooling system. In order to fulfil a particularly short construction period, the geothermal heat exchanger field was completed in only 18 days with two drilling rigs working in parallel.



Renovation of the development "Ganghofer Siedlung" in Regensburg

140 Residential units
3 - 4 Drillings per residential unit
70 m Depth
7 - 10 kW Heating power
420 kW total heating power during operation
320 kW Cooling capacity
  Project still in the execution phase

The settlement "Ganghofersiedlung" was built in the 1930s under the National Socialists as a "Göring Home" for the Messerschmidt factory workers. The 149 houses in the settlement have often changed owners in the course of their existence. It is planned to "revive" the severely run-down houses of the settlement as part of a development plan - with a mandatory upheaval of the social structure. Up to now, the settlement had survived architecturally almost unchanged and the ensemble is classified as a historical monument. The simple detached house with a pitched roof and a surface area of approx. 80 m² could have a ground-floor extension to increase the living space.

During this renovation a regenerative energy concept was developed for the air-conditioning of detached houses and apartment blocks using geothermal heat probes (heating/cooling). This was the first time that such a concept for an entire residential area was planned, calculated and realized by Geowell.



New Building of the Azerbaijan Diplomatic Academy in Baku (Aserbaidschan)

290 Boreholes
130 m Depth
390 kW Heating power
1500 kW Cooling capacity
2012 Completion

The "Azerbaijan Diplomatic Academy" in Baku has decided to build a new campus with four buildings. These buildings will all be heated and cooled with geothermal energy. The concept is based on an output of 1.500 kW.

290 earth probes, each with a depth of 130 meters, were drilled to provide geothermal energy. Most of this will be used to cool the building due to the geographical location of the site. Heating will only be a relatively small proportion of it. The special challenge was that in addition to the dimensioning of the earth probes, the entire site development, including connection and pipe sizing, was to be optimized by Geowell.

In addition to the demanding schedule performance, the project planning (logistics, onsite equipment and construction management) also required excellent performance and meticulousness. Because organising staff, equipment and material from a distance of over 3400 km as the crow flies does not allow for any errors. All the material such as fittings, geothermal probes, plenums, grouting material, etc. is all "Made in Germany". This was the only way to ensure the highest quality in Azerbaijan too.



Town Hall of the City of Penzberg (Bavaria)

8 Boreholes
180 m Depth
80 kW Heating power
10 kW Cooling capacity
2011 Completion

After being damaged in a fire in 2011, the Town Hall of Penzberg was completely refurbished. As part of these rehabilitation measures, the existing heating system was to be replaced by a heat pump system with a geothermal heat exchanger field consisting of 8 boreholes with a depth of 180 meters. The heat pump system consisting of two cascaded heat pumps (Stiebel Eltron WPF 40) covers the heating requirements of 80 kW and cooling requirements of 10 kW.

Geowell ensured a demand-oriented interpretation of the geothermal source based on a geothermal Response Test (GRT) with subsequent long-term simulation (Earth Energy Design (EED) simulation) in accordance with the thermo gravimetric analysis (TGA) requirements. The calculations showed that the influence of normal temperature within the legal and technical requirements and a long life-cycle of the geothermal heat probing system are guaranteed.

Geowell also provided the entire external connection and interior installation with a connection to the heat pump system, as well as the diffusion-proof cold insulation.