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Many years of experience and a constant motivation to become even better are necessary to become one of the leading high-quality, full-service providers of geothermal energy. We have a lot of know-how that we would be happy to share with you.

We have listed the standard FAQs below. If you cannot find the answer to a specific question, then just send it to us by mail at – we shall be happy to respond and will continue to expand our knowledge bank here.

What is exactly Geothermal Energy?
It is the residual heat of the earth. Most of this heat comes from the formation of the earth and includes accretion phases and kinetic heat. The earth also heats up through the continuous, natural deterioration processes in the earth's interior. This is increased by the gravitational influence of the moon on the earth's crust. Another considerable proportion originates from the stored solar energy. Geothermal energy can be used for heating, as well as for cooling purposes.

How does a Geothermal Energy System work?
A so-called heat exchanger is required to make the geothermal energy usable. This consists of one or more geothermal boreholes where the "brine" (a mixture of water and glycol) is circulated. The underground heat is extracted for heating purposes and raised to the ground surface at a usable temperature. You can be independent of oil or gas with geothermal probes. In the case of direct cooling, there is no need for a heat pump. A brine transport pump is used with such low power consumption that a direct (or passive) cooling is very profitable.

Therefore, you can use geothermal energy in an efficient, sustainable, and resource-saving manner for heating and hot water production. And all that without the expensive use of additional oil or gas.
You can even use Geowell geothermal systems for cooling during the hot season, if required. Our passion is to open up all these possibilities for you.

Is the geothermal energy source used for heating only?
Once connected, you can use this free geothermal energy in accordance with your individual needs for heating, hot water production and even cooling on hot days. We plan every project together with you and advise which features are important and useful.

How do I know if my property is suitable for geothermal energy?
There is geothermal energy everywhere: north or south - in rural or urban areas. And it is free. Why not let us carry out a project-related individual preliminary assessment to develop the right heating source for you.

What size system and how much space do I need for it?
Apart from the geological conditions, your particular requirements are an important factor in the planning of the system. Normally a first meeting is sufficient. Thanks to our broad experience, we can then estimate the approximate costs and determine the next step to be taken. Basically, any plot is suitable for developing geothermal energy.

How long does Geowell take to develop a geothermal source?
That depends on your requirements, which will be determined in the preliminary assessment. The source planning and design - depending on the object - is followed by geological models in the form of maps and literature. We plan large projects with calculations as well as complications long-term simulations, if necessary, on the basis of geothermal response tests.
In any case, you can rest assured that no company does the planning, permits and implementation faster and more professionally as we at Geowell.