Considering the ever-increasing energy prices using geothermal energy makes more sense than ever before.

Our more than 20 years of experience can help convert your sensible idea into an economically viable, sustainable, geothermal energy project:

  • Consultancy and planning
  • Inspiring simulation program
  • Licensing procedures
  • Expert and effective probe
  • Perfect installation design
  • Modern, reliable materials
  • A single source right up to the heat pump connection

Trust the best quality in the geothermal energy sector - put your trust in Geowell!


Reference Extract

AOK Nord West - Dortmund ThyssenKrupp Headquarter - Essen Ganghofer Siedlung - Regensburg
The company AOK Westfalen-Lippe built the new AOK headquarters in Dortmund Go on! New ThyssenKrupp Headquarter  Go on! Renovation of an industrial residential area from the 1930s Go on!